The Eye of Africa green project: A game-changer for Ghana’s eco-tourism


    's sector is on the brink of a transformative journey with the forthcoming establishment of the Eye of Eco-Resort in Akosombo, in the .

    Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie, Board Chairman of Dadaba Group, has explained the rationale behind the company's highly anticipated “green initiative,” slated for an official inauguration in November 2023.

    According to him, the Eye of Africa represents a sustainable approach to hospitality, blending luxury with environmental consciousness.

    In a press statement, Nana Kumi Kodie reaffirmed Dadaba Group's dedication to environmental stewardship and pioneering thinking. He said the project is poised to redefine Ghana's hospitality landscape, offering patrons an unrivalled experience while minimising its environmental footprint.

    “With an unwavering dedication to responsible practises, the Eye of Africa Eco-Resort has been meticulously designed, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovative architectural elements. From renewable energy solutions to water conservation initiatives, every facet of the resort has been thoughtfully crafted to tread lightly on our planet.”

    Nana Kumi Kodie highlighted the role the eco-resort will play in propelling local economic growth. The vision is to catalyse sustainable and uplift neighbouring communities through job creation and support for local enterprises.

    He expressed gratitude to all project partners, recognising their expertise and shared vision as instrumental in bringing the idea to fruition.

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