The death of Jesus Christ was not an accident – Apostle Obuobi

Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, the Resident Minister of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC-Atomic), on Good Friday, said the death of Jesus Christ was not an accident, but it was planned by God.

He quoted Isaiah 53:10 which clearly indicated that it was the will of God to crush him.
He urged Christians to rejoice in Good Friday, rather than mourn, because “we remember how we should have died as sinners, but someone stepped in”, he said.

“Don’t be afraid. If you don’t know him, accept him as the Lord and Saviour. If you are a Christian, walk-in his victory and be resolute in your faith”, he said.

Apostle Obuobi, whose sermon was delivered through various online media channels including Youtube and Facebook, urged all believers not to go through the day without reflecting on the significance of the death of Jesus Christ, and why God would allow his son to be crushed by wicked people.

Giving some implications of the death of Jesus Christ, he said, it was propitiatory as cited in 1John 4:10, meaning it was the highest form of sacrifice of sufficient value to appease or calm down the wrath of God against humanity after man gravely sinned in Eden and was cursed.

He said the blood of goats and cattle could not save man, but the blood of Jesus was sufficient value to deliver the people of God from the hands of the evil one.

Furthermore, the death of Jesus Christ was substitutional, as he died in the place of man to redeem him from the curse of the law, by taking upon himself the curse, and that by this substitution, he reconciled humanity back with God in one body through the cross.

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The Bible says it is the soul that sins that must die but Jesus died in our place Ezekiel 18:20, he said.

Apostle Obuobi said the death did not only bring humanity victory over Satan and demons, but also triumph over death, and as such death has no more power over all who believed in the power of the resurrection, trusting that those died in the Lord shall rise up again from their sleep when Christ return to take his children home.

He urged all Christians to celebrate the Easter calmly at the family, and reflect on the deep love of God for humanity through the cross, and also to remain faithful to all the current restrictive measures and protocols to help curb the spread of the COVID-19, and bring the country back to normalcy.

Source: GNA | Ghana


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