The days of political blind-following are over-Politicians told

Private legal practitioner Bernard Owiredu Donkor, has cautioned politicians, saying the days of the masses blindly following politicians is fast dwindling in the country hence must be up to the task of managing the economy efficiently.

He said this in an interview with Berla Mundi on the New Day show on TV3, Friday, April 7.

Mr. Donkor was speaking on the heels of the #FixTheCountry campaign that is urging the powers that be to be up and doing in fixing the country and putting it on the right track for the benefit of the people.

He said “sometimes we try not to politicize issues and a bit nationalistic but as for politicians gaining political capital, we cannot fault them, it has been the order of the day, we have people who are now in government who were at their loudest when NPP was in opposition, talking about ‘Dumsor’, talking about economy, talking about all these taxes, I mean at a point in time, there were these terminology ‘nuisance tax’ and all that but we are still in the taxes. So I believe that, it is high time that people in power, people in government learn to appreciate that the days where we had blind following I’m sure is dwindling.

“There are people who are really party persons but are ready now to speak against their party either in opposition or in power. Recently we had some NDC members who were demanding accountability from the NDC leadership, as to the 2020 elections, you know times are changing, they won’t sit down to say probably they are in NDC so they are in opposition so they can’t do anything. There was this forum quite recently about rallying NDC old folks to reorganize the party and it is high time we speak truth to power, no matter our political colors, we need to do something about the economy”.

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He further stated that “I would admit there are problems in the country, first and foremost the economy is reeling under the effects of the COVID, unemployment has gone high, on a daily basis we meet people who are searching for jobs, graduates, I mean technical people, we have people usually talking about bad roads, there is the issue of galamsey, the Cedi to the dollar rate is not too good for business people these days and so definitely there are problems to be fixed. So as much as I’m not for making it a commodity, sort of making it a commodity for political capital and all that I think that there are real problems that need urgent attention by the government.

“Definitely there are going to be responses from party communicators and people in government but for me did not support the #FixYourself campaign, I thought that it shouldn’t be the kind of communication from government but rather what the Vice President did, I mean to say that: we are fixing it, I think his response is better than the #FixYourself campaign”.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana