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The casket that has aroused public talk!

Caskets play an integral part in the transition process.

For many ethnic and religious groups, it is a requirement for burying the dead.

In certain instances, the type of casket one is buried with gives an indication of the person’s social class and status.

The casket business has become lucrative as many carpenters have ventured into it due to the ready market for finished.

‘GbonyoAdeka’ – as it is called in the Ga language – now exists in different shapes and designs.

The kind of a stylized casket one is buried with depicts his or her personality or profession.

At the heart of Teshie Point 5 in the Greater Accra Region is the Nii Fantastic Sculpture Shop operated by Theophilus Nii Anum Sowah, an indigene of Teshie.

At his shop are exhibitions of uniquely designed caskets which are replica of creatures and symbols.

Theophilus Nii Anum Sowah has been in the industry for close to four decades and he has had his wares exhibited in shops in London.

One of such artistic products is what he calls the sexually seductive casket, which is a replica of erected penis.

Although, the work brought out the creativity in the maker, it has generated controversy.

Many have questioned the motive for making this particular sculptured work.

But to the maker, it is an avenue for telling love stories as liked by Ghanaians.

Speaking to TV3’s Stanley Nii Blewu, Nii Anum Sowah said he carved the penis casket some 25 years ago and it is part of one of his numerous fantasy works.

He is, however, happy his craft has gained global recognition and he is ready to do more of such works.

He said it takes an expert to deliver on a conceptualized work like he has done with the makeshift male sex organ.


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