The B.You Conference: Hair Senta CEO reveals reasons behind successful business

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Business strategist and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hair Senta, Gwyneth Gyimah Addo, popularly as Gwyn, has revealed reasons for the success of her hair business, The Hair Senta.

Speaking to participants at the B.You conference by Berla Mundi, she revealed that her business has been able to thrive for more than a decade because she availed herself to be humble and serve her customers to their satisfaction.

“When you start a business and you don’t listen to what your customers tell you, you will get it all wrong. When I started, I had an ego of even approaching people to buy my hair because I knew I was also serving quality and those who wanted to would purchase,”

“However, I had to adopt humility as a character. When I became humble, I saw a lot of positive changes in my business. I realized I had to be humble and start listening. It was only when I started listening that I started excelling. Good character will always precede your rise and bad character will precede your fall,” she said.

She further revealed that adopting humility and being attentive to customers have been of advantage and that contributes to the reasons for bringing up an outstanding business.

Gwen advised participants to adopt such character in order to excel in their life goals and entrepreneurial journeys.

Recounting how she started her business; the successful entrepreneur said the hair business has always been her passion and she decided to venture into it after she resigned from the bank after eight years of work.

She revealed that starting her business was tough and she couldn’t even made sales in a whole week when she opened her first shop.

“At a point, I started to lose hope,” she revealed.

“Despite the fact that my business is now thriving I think there is still more work to do.”

The business leader also advised participants on the kind of company they keep themselves in since it can have influence on one’s character and that can in turn affect interaction with people, customers of businesses inclusive.

“The kind of company you keep can have influence on how you behave and react. Bad character will precede your fall. When I started my business, I thought the business was about me. Don’t start a business and make it about you. Kill the arrogance. It’s about the people you intend to serve,” she reiterated.

Demonstrating humility means speaking to the higher purpose of accountability to ones’ business or community. As such, it does not rob you of power, but enhances your authority as a leader.

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana

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