The average man does not want to marry – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Seasoned playwright and relationship counsellor Uncle Ebo Whyte has dropped another bombshell. Saying that men would prefer not to marry is a rude awakening for women in general.

To buttress his point, Uncle Ebo Whyte stated on TV3 NewDay that most marriages/ weddings are brought into fruition through persistent efforts on the part of women. Simply put, women force men to marry them.

“A lot of weddings wouldn’t have happened if the woman didn’t put pressure. If a man puts pressure, he has a reason; he fears losing the girl. But, quite often, men would be okay with just dating for the rest of their lives because we don’t have a biological clock. So there is no pressure on men.”

He further told of the pressures on the female gender, which is noticeably absent on the other side. According to him, this plays an essential role in the dynamics of relationships and calls for a more permanent committed union.

“Society never pushes pressure on us (men). Ask your young men here, maybe every now and then, their mother would call them, but generally, nobody puts pressure on them. But let a girl turn 25, 26, 28 … even in the church, there is pressure. Our society, I am talking about the Ghanaian society, puts pressure.

“A lot of marriages come on because the woman said, what are we waiting for? If you say I am the person, then what are we waiting for? You have a good job, I have a good job, so what are we waiting for? It (marriage) wouldn’t have happened if the woman hadn’t in one way or the other, gently, subtly or overtly pushed it along.”

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana