The approved loans weren’t new – George Ayisi


approved a total $710 million five loan at an emergency sitting on Tuesday May 2, 2023, despite a rebuff from the

On the Sunrise Show on Wednesday May 3, host quizzed Mr. George Ayisi who is the Director of Communications for the National and Management Organization () and member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communications team what his ruling party is searching for with these new approved loans even though the country has huge sums of debts to settle.

Mr. Ayisi in response said; “Actually these are not new loans.These were loans incorporated in the 2023 and it is time for them to be approved hence the recall of parliament to come and work on them. The said at this time he thinks we've dug and we are in deep hole and doesn't see the need for us to continue digging.

“That is true however, there are times too you find yourself in a precarious situation that you may need some little push to stabilize your position and then have proper focus to deal with the situation properly otherwise some will say we are in dire straits where our debts are in precarious state why they then are we saying we want support from the IMF.”

Emphasizing on why the IMF are making all possible checks to see if qualifies for the aid we're seeking for before offering an assistance, Mr. Ayisi said;

“IMF is not going to give it(loan) to us father . So it is going to be part of the loan facility, but they know we would need it to reorganize ourselves and then get our berries right and move to deal with the death situation.”

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