Textile and garment workers cancel demo against gov't

Trade Minister[/caption] The planned demonstration against the government by the Textile and Garment Workers Union to among other things demand for the revival of the anti-piracy taskforce to clamp down on the influx of pirated textiles has been cancelled. The group, which is under the auspices of the Ghana Trades Union congress, was to hit the street Thursday, March 9 to also draw government’s attention to job insecurity in the industry that has been worsened by piracy. They were also not happy that the 2017 budget statement failed to touch on government policies geared at helping revive the industry that has seen a downturn in the last years. General Secretary of the Union, Abraham Koomson, explained the cancellation followed successful interaction with the Trade Ministry “The workers had to call off the demonstration because the ministry responded. The trade minister is out of the country, but the chief director replied the workers and I know they are content with the response that is why the demonstration was cancelled,” he explained. He pointed out that demonstration was not instigated by any political motive, and that the Union will not hesitate to carry out its action should the government address their concerns satisfactorily in their subsequent meetings. “This is not any action with any polical motivation.  It is about the people whose jobs are threatened. We believe as a group that we should be reinforced to do what is right and save the textile industry”, he clarified.

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By Grace Asare|3FM|3news.com|Ghana]]>


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