Tension brews between POTAG & Council for Tertiary Education

A seeming tension between the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG) and the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) is likely to bring academic work at the various technical universities in the country to a halt. POTAG is accusing the Council of championing an agenda that is sabotaging the transition processes of polytechnics to fully fledged technical universities. At a news conference in Takoradi Monday, executives of POTAG claimed the NCTE has dissolved all the interim councils for these technical universities without ensuring the constitution of permanent one as required by the Technical Universities Act 922 of 2016. Section 42[1] of the ACT states: ‘the council of a polytechnic converted to technical university shall be an interim council, which shall function for a period not more than one year”, According to POTAG, the NCTE having dissolved the interim councils, has been dragging its feet in establishing a permanent council to ensure the smooth running of the technical universities.National President of POTAG, Emmanuel Agyemang, said NCTE has a hidden agenda and resorted to a deliberate feet-dragging strategy to frustrate the transition process with the view to destroy the very fine idea of technical university introduced by the government. POTAG claimed NCTE is employing “Machiavellian tactic” to secure the ambition of some of their top management and cronies from the traditional universities, to take up key positions in the newly converted technical universities. “POTAG therefore views these acts as diabolical and shall resist them vehemently,” they stated. They have thus called on the government to intervene to avoid any disruptions in academic work on the various campuses.

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