TEMPLARS explores Ghanaian market amid increasing opportunities

Oghogho Akpata, Managing Partner of TEMPLARS

TEMPLARS – a leading Nigerian law firm – has expanded into the Ghanaian local market by collaborating with AMPEM Chambers, a Ghanaian law practice, amid the vast potentials in Ghana.

The result of this collaboration  will be the establishment of a new legal firm in Ghana called TEMPLARS. The collaboration is a response to the region’s expanding business prospects and the growing need for service providers with in-depth local knowledge and a track record of guiding domestic and foreign clients through challenging markets.

The new law firm  will provide clients with services across all facets of the Ghanaian economy, including  mining, energy, infrastructure, financial services, education, franchising, telecommunications,  fintech and dispute resolution. Additionally, it is anticipated to serve as a strategic launching point for reaching other important centers in the West African region.

In an interview, Templars’ managing partner Oghogho Akpata remarked on the development, saying: “This is a very exciting step in Templars’ growth across Africa.”

“Under the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, there are a lot of opportunities that are expanding across the continent. There is a rising need for clients to hire skilled professionals, and the AfCFTA will only open more chances.

“With the AfCFTA Secretariat in Accra, Ghana could become to the region what Brussels is to Europe as a competition law hub. Therefore, in my opinion, any serious law practice that wishes to engage in business in Africa should have a presence in Accra, Ghana. Brussels is home to the majority of international legal firms that take competition law seriously,”

A 12-person team of highly skilled Ghanaian attorneys, some of whom are dual certified in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries, will join the TEMPLARS brand as a result of this cooperation. To offer customers smooth, high-quality services in both markets, these attorneys will collaborate closely with their colleagues at TEMPLARS locations in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

Nigeria continues to have Africa’s largest economy, with Ghana having the second-largest economy in West Africa, despite recent macroeconomic difficulties in both nations. Ghana has developed into one of Africa’s top economies during the past 15 years, and during that time, it has also progressively become a hub and preferred location for both African and foreign firms.

“Amidst the economic challenges, we still see a lot of opportunities. Ghana as a country is  very well structured; and the regulators are strong. The opportunities are immense, from the mining sector which is something that everyone wants to get into through to the energy sector as well. So, we see Ghana as a country that’s not fully tapped for international and regional law firms.

“Ghana has also grown to be one of Africa’s leading economies and a destination of choice for both African businesses and international companies seeking to come to Africa.  Many  of our clients are present in Ghana and they’ve been asking us to come to Ghana all along to provide our services to them as well, and look for new opportunities.  This move is in firm response to those calls by our clientsbecause,” Mr. Akpata said.

Oghogho Akpata, Managing Partner of TEMPLARS


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