Telenovelas will corrupt you, and your husbands will not know you anymore – Bagbin to Ghanaian women

Telenovelas will corrupt yBagbin to Ghanaian womenou -

The Speaker of Parliament, Right Honorable Alban Bagbin, has admonished Ghanaian women to stop watching foreign telenovelas. Or else their husbands won’t know who they are anymore.

He said the telenovelas which have flooded the Ghanaian television landscape are just figments of the imagination of writers from the cultures they originated from. And these series have been developed into storylines that have no bearing on the Ghanaian culture. But captivates the women so much that they don’t want to miss an episode.

Right Hon. Bagbin made this pronouncement at a book launch by a former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ken Dzirasah, over the weekend.
He said, “Telenovelas of today on our television sets are figments of imagination from the cultures they originated from, which have been developed into storylines. Very often, they have no bearing on our culture. These become storylines that captivate us to the extent that we are not prepared to miss even one episode.”

“These days, I have been talking to a lot of women to stop watching those telenovelas. Because they are corrupting them to the extent that their husbands may not know them”.

Mr Bagbin lamented the dwindling habit of reading in the country, especially among the youth of Ghana.
He, therefore, urged the government and the various stakeholders in the educational sector to develop innovative strategies to revive the reading culture in the country, especially among the youth of Ghana.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana

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