Technical university teachers declare indefinite strike

Technical University Teachers’ Association has declared an indefinite sit-down strike following some unresolved concerns about their conditions of service. According to the Association, it has followed all the due processes for the resolution of their concerns but that have been to no avail. “We hereby declare an indefinite sit-down strike having followed the requirements of the labour laws of Ghana,” they declared. The last straw which broke the camel’s back was a “no show” by the National Labour Commission (NLC) at a meeting on Wednesday, September 12  to discuss the way forward. They claim “the NLC failed or neglected to sit and to hear our case, and left us stranded at the office of the commission”. Consequently, the Association decided to declare a sit-down strike as a last resort to press home their demands. it explains in a statement issued on Wednesday that the enactment of the Technical Universities Act, 2016, which saw the conversion of six polytechnics into Technical Universities; their members, per the law were supposed to have been migrated to the status of university teachers but that they say has not been done. The Association further accused the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) of deliberately delaying the migration process by giving them unjustified excuses. The MoE and the NCTE had asked that some preconditions be satisfied before the migration could take place but members of the Association say they  “reject those preconditions, and stand by our request for migration onto the conditions of service of public universities with immediate effect”.

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Find here the full statement spelling out how the issues unfolded. By P.D Wedam||Ghana]]>