Tebu basic school cries for aid as pupils sit on bare floor to write

Pupils of Tebu M/A Basic School in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region sit on the bare floor to write with others using their laps as tables to write on. The younger ones in Kindergarten also lie on the floor which some of them complaining of back and spinal aches. Some of the pupils also sit on stones and plastics chairs. The pupils also risk contracting various types of diseases due to the lack of a proper water system in the school. This was disclosed by the head teacher of the school Emmanuel Bagut in an interview with TV3 who indicated that “the school lacks enough classrooms, potable water, tables and chairs as well as basic learning tools for teaching and learning”. The lack of infrastructure forces some of the pupils to sit under sheds which leak whenever there it rains. Emmanuel Bagut said “the only block building in the school cannot house all the students so then some have to go outside and sit under a shed and learn” adding that ever since the collapse of the old school block, some of the students have to move to the library and others under an old shed in the school. Ahorlu Maxwell, the ICT teacher of the school told TV3 that, there use to be six laptops to support teaching and learning but two got spoilt leaving four for the whole school. Gerrick Bismark, an English and Citizenship teacher expressed concern that, sometimes he has to use his own pocket money to get some of the teaching tools like books and the rest for teaching. Teachers of the school reside at Kaneshie, Kasoa, Domeabra and Denkyira all in the Greater Accra region. Others are at Papase and Gomoa Budumburam in the Central region, and spend between 10 and 15 cedis on okada each day to school aside what they spend on trotro from their various locations to Papase and Domeabra. A student, Philip Ayivi lamented how this issue of limited infrastructure and resources is affecting their knowledge acquisition. The head teacher called on government to come to their aid since the students are the future leaders.

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By Mabel Adu Boahene|TV3|Ghana  ]]>