Teacher trainees welcome licensure exams but…

Some of the trainees have demonstrated in the past[/caption] The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has finally welcomed the licensure examination for newly trained teachers and other would-be teachers as it kicked off Monday across the various colleges of education in the country. Prior to the writing of the examination, there were series of demonstrations by some aggrieved teachers and concerned friends of such teachers all in an attempt to get the licensure exams cancelled. Speaking with 3FM ahead of the writing of the exams at 2pm, Monday, President of TTAG Jonathan Apam said they have put their agitations to rest. He was, however, concerned about the possibility of some of his members not getting posted by the Ghana Education Service (GES). “For now, all issues are put to rest since the exams is being written but the only problem that may come up is about postings after the paper. “Once [the newly trained teachers] write the exams, they are much hopeful that after the marking the Ghana Education Service will post all of us. “So, that is the expectation of my members and I am part of them. So, I think that will be our expectation but for now the issues that were agitated upon concerning the exams have been resolved so much. Some of them [issues] were materials and index numbers not given,” he said. Mr. Apam indicated it was unfortunate the exams billed to have started at 9am was pushed to 2pm. “It is unfortunate that we had to put it [writing] on standby because we have been told by the schedule of the National Teaching Council that the exams will take off at 9am. But, I think there was some problem in the dispatching of the papers to the centers so they had to postponed it to 2pm,” he noted.

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By Nasara Juliana Yin-Songmah|3FM|Ghana]]>