Taxes are meant for dev’t – COKA rallies support for gov’t

Constituency Chairman for Afigya Kwabre South of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, popularly known as COKA, has said the current administration has not veered off path from production to taxation as many are alleging.

He said as stated in the party’s 2016 manifesto, it has production at it’s core in building a viable economy.

He described the Minority’s outcry of the current proposed tax regime as hypocritical and retrogressive.

“Every economy needs tax to grow, for government to build factories or support existing ones to create jobs for the people. We need money to do that.”

Mr Kwaku Appiah believes it is about time the country streamlined its tax net in order to wean herself from external loans.

“We are crying that we have borrowed so much, but we are not ready to raise internal funds to cater for our own development.”

He cited countries like the United Kingdom where taxes are used as the catalyst for development.

“We travel all the time and are marveled about the state of infrastructure in those advanced countries, how did they make it?” he quizzed.

The current Constituency Chairman for the Afigya Kwabre South Constituency urged Ghanaians to jettison the Minority propaganda and support the Akufo-Addo-led administration to build a robust economy.

By William Evans-Nkum||Ghana

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