Tarkwa Bishop bemoans systemic failure of state institutions

Rt Rev Amponsah-Donkor wants a re-dedication of state institutions[/caption] The Right Reverend Thomas Amponsah-Donkor, Bishop of the Tarkwa Diocese of the Methodist Church, has attributed the increasing social evils to systemic failings of key national institutions. Commenting on the recent killing of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, the scourge of contract killings and news of strange deaths at a programme in Tarkwa, Rt. Rev Amponsah-Donkor said it was clear that the nation’s key institutions had failed and seemingly giving up on the purposes for which they were established. “Our institutions such as education, health, the police, media, politics and religion itself have failed us. It seems that over the years, the real essence of what these institutions must do, has given way to the very opposite, if we avail ourselves to the events in the country oveŕ the years, especially that of the past month in Ghana.” He listed about four lynchings, shooting of a police officer, the Kumasi contract killing that turned abortive and what he called sheer wickedness in the political sphere. Rt. Rev. Amponsah-Donkor said he was shocked to learn that persons involved in the killing of Major Mahama were Christians and  within the Tarkwa Diocese of the Church and supposed to be Christians universal. “You may not know, but the Assemblyman involved in the case was called to join a friend of this Diocese, whose wife had delivered but he declined and chose to rather pursue the soldier and eventually found to be one of those who engaged in this dastardly act.” He was particular that politics, political and governance institutions as well as the media are continuously failing the people. “Politicians, journalists and public servants have not risen up to the occasion when it counted most,” Rt. Rev Amponsah-Donkor noted. He mentioned the near breakdown of the nations’ health delivery system for instance, arguing that quacks were taking over the health system,. “This we must address frantically or else we will have no one to blame but ourselves.” He therefore called for a re-dedication of all segments of society to the upholding of the state and be true to their calling.

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By Gideon Sackitey|3FM|3news.com|Ghana ]]>