Tanzanian official received $200m dubious diamond gift

Tanzanite is only found in Tanzania[/caption] A report into Tanzania’s mining industry finds that an offical was given a gift of diamonds worth 200 million dollars in dubious circumstances. The country’s mining industry came under the spotlight today as two parliamentary committees are presenting reports to President John Magufuli, after investigating diamond and tanzanite mining deals. The reports implicate several former ministers and top government officials in signing corrupt deals. In one incident, the investigation found a top government official received a gift of diamonds worth $200m (£153m) in dubious circumstances. The reports are also faulting the government for relying on mine company statistics for key data such as the size of the diamond reserve in the mining area. These reports come as negotiations between the government and the Barrick Gold mining company are under way to resolve a tax payment dispute. Earlier this year President Magufuli launched an extensive investigation into the mining industry and introduced strict mining laws as he argued the country was not getting a fair share of profit from its mineral resources. Source BBC]]>

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