Tamale: Two structures alleged to be housing 'witches & wizards' torched

Two houses in Choggu Manayilli, a suburb of Tamale in the Northern Region, have been set ablaze by some youth.
This follows weeks of threats by a section of the youth in the area to set ablaze all residences belonging to alleged witches and wizards.
In what seemed like a burning rampage, the youth numbering about 50 at about 8:30pm Tuesday, November 8 first set ablaze the residence of one Afa Issah, an alleged wizard who has just returned from exile.
According to an eye witness (name withheld), Afa Issah with rants arrived home the evening of Tuesday daring residents to do their worse if they can. This act attracted attention and his residence was subsequently burnt to ashes same day.
“Afa Issah arrived from Yendi where he’s been in exile this evening shouting and daring residents to burn his house if they could. According to him, the Regent of Dagbon Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andai asked him to return home”. gathered that after a suspect is cleared of witchcraft allegation, he or she is supposed to be accompanied by palace elders to announce to residents his ‘vindication’ before they return to their communities. This, gathered, has not been done in the case of Afa Issah and other alleged witches and wizards.
Another woman’s house was also burnt. Her identity is yet to be known.
Officers of the Northern Regional Fire Service Command deserted the scene after sensing danger, leaving the two houses to raze down.
Within an hour, a squad of millitary and police officers stormed the area and it was until then that fire fighters could put out the raging furnace. counted about five casualties with injuries ranging from cuts on the head to the limbs after attempts of salvaging the situation, as of the time of going to press.
This latest incident raises to four the number of houses that have been razed down by fire by the youth in the same vicintiy within two months.
By Zubaida Ismail||Ghana

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