Tamale: Police ‘resume’ inspection of documents on the road


Police officers at the Tamale Airport junction in the Northern Region appear to have defied instruction to suspend checking of vehicular documents on the roads by the Ghana Police Service.

The Ghana Police Service in October instructed that all vehicular checks at the various Police check points across the country be suspended with immediate effect.

The directive, sent via the security agency’s wireless service, received backlash after it found it way into the public domain as a section of the public claimed it was to score a political point.

The police communication directorate revealed that the directive was not politically motivated but rather a measure to streamline the roles of the service.

However, police officers at some check points in the Tamale Metropolis have been capture on camera inspecting and taking money from drivers of both public and private vehicles.

But personnel at the Tamale Airport realizing they have been caught on camera, defended themselves by claiming that the service resumed inspecting documents on January 2, 2017.

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They however insisted and ensured that almost all the pictures taken were deleted.

By Zubaida Ismail |TV3|3news.com


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