Tamale: Jummah prayers for Shia Muslims in doubt

The Chief Imam of the Shia Community in Tamale in the Northern Region says they will rescind an earlier decision to attend Jummah on Friday following the easing of restrictions on religious activities.

On Friday a communication from the national Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu directed that no Jummah would be observed on Friday.

The chief imam of the Shia community in Tamale Sheikh Dalhu Abdul Mumin who had earlier planned to perform Jummah did not know about this new directive, and were ready to go ahead with the observance until they heard it for the first time on 3FM.

“I am not aware of anything, I haven’t received any information on that” he had told Alfred Ocansey, host of the 3FM morning show, Sunrise when if he was aware of the directive from the National Chief Imam.

After the host read the statement to him he responded, “I am hearing it for the first time but if that is what the statement says then we all abide by it”.

However, some few minutes into the show the leader called again during the phone in segment to clarify matters.

According to him “the message given to me by the Shia community in Accra says they are considering the statement and he also assured me that the directive does not include all mosques but if you are able to satisfy the condition you can go ahead and hold prayers”.

But an Islamic Cleric Sheikh Ibn Sanaa from Saabu zongo who spoke on the same show said the directive is binding on all Muslim groups.

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Muslims pray five times a day every day, but the most important prayer of the week is “Jummah”.

By Richard Bright Addo | 3news.com