Tamale Islamic Science School overcomes deadlock against Apam SHS

If a has provided enough drama so far in the Sharks Quiz this year, this could be one.
Ranked school Apam faced fierce opponents Islamic Science School in what we will calm a display of the Sharks.

Both came to win, not to lose, and they proved that till the last question.

Apam was represented by Abdullah, Samuel, Japheth and Prince whilst Tamale Islamic by Ridwan, Ayisha, Nurudeen and Abdul Rahim.

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Apam SHS started this round with an array of passes, inaccurate answers and a few accurate ones. They came back to their passes, almost the same with inaccuracies. Maybe they had to restrategise.

Tamale Islamic initially had a similar trouble. They had passes and inaccuracies. They had to take it slow and firm, and it seemed to work for them, as they managed to squeeze in some correct answers, two of them. They returned to accurately answer their passes with new excitement. They led in the first round.

Both schools made significant substitutions in this round as Ibrahim came in for Tamale Islamic whilst Nana Kwesi for Apam.

Apam came in this round strongly, both schools actually. As they both swung in the questions, with both snatching bonuses and missing out on questions, the atmosphere looked tense for a contest.

Apam made a recording consecutives over Tamale Islamic putting them ahead of their competitors in this round.

This round was supposed to be a decider but things were not settled yet.

For either of the schools, it was either they win or nothing else as none was ready to give in to a lose.

But yet still Tamale Islamic a little bit more poised for this round as they began to gather momentum from conceding in the previous round.

At the end of the third round, they were ahead, once again. But it was not yet over.

Round 4 was the most hectic round as bare glory was in the face of either of the schools. A win-win situation if they play their answers right.

Aminu was up against Hawawu in the English set with Aminu inaccurately attempting both questions.

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Abubakar and Nana Kwesi was up against each other in the Maths set. Nana Kwesi prevailed with an accurate answer in the second question after a failed attempt in the first question from both contestants.

Ibrahim accurately answered a science question in the next set after failed attempt from Samuel. Both contestants failed the next question.

In the general knowledge set, Prince also got an answer correct whilst Ridwan attempted no question.

It was a tie at the end of the 5th round and that was exciting to see.

Now the tie needed to be settled and Tamale Islamic was up for it as they accurately answered the tie-breaker. What a contest it was!

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