Taimako Foundation donates to abused children

An Accra-based non-governmental organization, Taimako Foundation has donated some items to children at the Shelter for Abused Children and the Junior Girls Correctional Centre in Osu.

A delegation, led by founder of the NGO, Abdul Fatah Maigah Mahama spent some time interacting with the children and staff of the shelter after presenting them with foodstuff, drinks, clothing, games and toiletries.

Mr. Mahama mentioned that one of the aims of the foundation is to promote an inclusive and equitable society that gives hope and a chance to all citizens to grow and thrive.

“Our nation is still growing and finding itself. We are maximizing our strengths and working on our weaknesses. One of these weaknesses over the years has been the protection of the vulnerable. We have made great strides in this regard and we owe it to ourselves to continue in this vein,” he stressed.

He further laid emphasis on the importance of supporting government owned welfare institutions due to the budgetary constraints most of them encounter.

“Though we understand that people prefer donating to private institutions because they feel they are more organized and can easily be held accountable, we acknowledge the problems state owned institutions face especially in terms of funding and we are here to support.”

Mr. Mahama assured the children and staff of the shelter that the donation was not a one-time event but an opportunity to foster a lasting relationship with the shelter.

He stated that the Taimako Foundation does not believe in handouts but seeks to provide an efficient economic and social opportunity for moving people out of poverty.

This he said can be achieved by providing skills training and mentorship opportunities to underprivileged children, so they too can grow into responsible and respectable adulthood to contribute their quota to national development.

The Managing Director of the shelter, Mrs. Love-Grace Ahlijah expressed gratitude to Taimako Foundation on behalf of the children.

“No one can be forced to do good and assist others, so when someone does such a thing they deserve to be shown appreciation.”

Mrs. Ahlijah recounted some of the struggles they face and how the donation would ease the burden.

She also added how much she looked forward to the mentorship program the foundation mentioned, stressing on how it would help shape the lives of the girls in the Junior Girls Correctional institute.

Taimako Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization in Accra that seeks to bridge the gap between the less privileged and privileged in society by assisting them with their basic needs, equipping them with basic skills and mentoring them into becoming well rounded adults.



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