Supreme Court should retry case on GSL admission procedure – Fmr Director

The Ghana School of Law[/caption] A former Director of the Ghana School of Law, Ansah Asare, is pushing for a retrial of  the Supreme Court’s judgment on writing of ‘entrance exams’ at the Ghana School of Law. The Supreme Court on Thursday, June 22, 2017, ruled that the writing of entrance exams and the subsequent interviewing as pre-qualification into the Ghana School of Law be abolished from 2018. However, speaking in an interview with Alfred Ocansey, on TV3’s News 360, Mr. Ansah Asare said he is surprised the Supreme Court would let something they say it’s unconstitutional to be continued till its cancelation in 2018. “I’m somehow surprised, you know, at the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court that something is unconstitutional … if it’s unconstitutional, it’s unconstitutional. You know, the Supreme Court should have immediately made a definitive pronouncement that with immediate effect the examinations have been scrapped. “That [the ruling], in itself, is unconstitutional. It (the case) must go back to court,” he said. Mr. Ansah Asare indicated that the practice of writing the entrance examinations and the interviewing process has been in place because the system needed a litigant to test the law. “This has persisted, primarily, because the system needed a litigant to take the matter to court and it found in Prof. Asare the litigant.” The US-based Ghanaian professor, Stephen Kweku Asare, in 2015, filed a suit at Ghana’s Supreme Court asking for nullification of the use of interviewing and entrance examination as the basis of admission into the Ghana School of Law, and the court sided with him on Thursday.

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By Solomon Mensah|3FM||Ghana ]]>