Support call made for farmers into organic food crops

The Founder and Director of Health Works Ghana, Dr. Samuel Sasu, has appealed to all Ghanaians to rally behind farmers who are into cultivation of organic food crops and support them financially to grow more foodstuffs to feed the nation.

According to him, most foodstuffs produced in the country today are either Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs), inorganic or those produced using bad methods which simply lack the required standards for consumption, therefore inimical to the health of people.

He was speaking at the launch of 2017 VegGhana Vegfest on the topic ‘Vegan, Vegetarianism and Healthy Lifestyles’.

The 2017 Vegfest is scheduled to come off on December 1, a day set aside for the commemoration of this year’s Farmers’ Day.

Explaining the rationale behind VegGhana’s motto: ‘Healthy Lifestyle Beyond Meatless Diet’, Dr. Samuel Sasu, who is also a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, noted living a healthy lifestyle beyond a meatless diet is not only eating meat but eating healthy; meaning consumption of organically grown foodstuffs.

He maintained the foodstuffs that are produced locally today differ from that of the 1950s which is wholesome and healthy but bemoaned the kinds of foods eaten presently are genetically modified.

He cited wheat as an example of genetically modified food in circulation which he said is the bane contributing rapidly to impotency in men including diabetes and other sicknesses killing most people prematurely.

While urging people to desist from eating wheat and bread which he referred to as unsafe for human consumption, Dr Sasu also cautioned against soya milk consumption which according to him is the cause of impotency in men today.

He, therefore, charged all and sundry to “say no to GMOs and bad way of producing our own foodstuffs” and accord farmers who plant their crops organically the maximum support to be able to produce more for human consumption.

He equally called for the cleanliness of the “God-given environment” at all times.

In his welcome address, President of VegGhana Dr Kofi Asare stressed the need for all and sundry to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating only plant-based diet at all times.

“We want people to come the way we’ve been coming or the way we’ve already started going because we want a healthier than a healthy Africa,” he stressed.

Dr Asare added: “Most of the lifestyle diseases that we have these days stemmed out of what we eat mainly as a result of poor eating habit”.

He therefore suggested eating of basic staple foods like “ablongo, abolo, yakayake, tubani, atseke, gari & beans, roasted plantain and groundnut among others to junk foods as a way to keep oneself healthy”.

The President also debunked the allegation that vegetarianism is expensive when he asked the audience a question: “What is more expensive? A kilo of meat or a kilo of tomatoes or cabbage?”.

He called on all Ghanaians to join the Vegetarian Association of Ghana (NGO) because “it has enormous benefits to promote healthy lifestyle which is wealth to all living things”.

The launch of the 2017 Vegfest was to highlight to Ghanaians the importance of Vegetarian Association of Ghana (VegGhana) and the significance of the festival that seeks to promote healthy lifestyle and food.

By Joseph Kobla Wemakor|Accra, Ghana

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