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Sucking breasts won’t combat breast cancer – Doctor

A general surgeon, Dr Charles Arhinful, who is the Acting General Medical Superintendent at the VRA Hospital at Aboadze in the Shama District of the Western Region has dismissed claims that sucking breasts can help prevent breast cancer.

“It is erroneous to believe that sucking the breast will help combat breast cancer,” Dr Arhinful insisted.

“It is also not true that the ‘push up’ or tight brassieres worn by some ladies increase their risk of breast cancer.”

He laments that such myths are undermining the campaign for early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

There have been stories by so-called experts, saying sucking the breasts reduces the risk of breast cancer but Dr. Arhinful says it is false.

He is also unhappy about some referring to breast cancer as a spiritual disease.

“Some think it’s not a hospital disease so even after being diagnosed at the hospital, they tend to roam seeking other alternative treatments. They only return to the hospital when they reach a dead end and their health has deteriorated. This is rather late and often lead to death,” he lamented.

Dr. Arhinful was speaking at a community engagement about breast cancer with the Aboadze community, the host of the Aboadze Thermal Plant.

October was designated as the Pink Month by the World Health Organization (WHO) with a focus on creating awareness about breast cancer and the need to seek for early treatment.

Dr. Arhinful, who took the community through the symptoms of the disease, among others, also tried to assuage their fears about breast removal in cancer patients.

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“There is also the misconception that immediately you report the disease at the hospital, the breast will be removed. This is not totally true.

“At times, the lump is what is removed. Even if the breast is totally removed, you can go on and marry and have children without any challenges,” he stated.

He advised the people to constantly observe their breasts and quickly seek medical help when they see any changes and encouraged the men to also periodically screen their breasts.

“Even though it affects men, it’s rather rare, 2 to 4 percent in Ghana. I will, however, encourage the men to also screen their breast,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Wednesdays have been designated as free breast screening day at the VRA Hospital in Aboadze.

By Ewurama Smith|3news.com|Western Region|Ghana