The world is increasingly changing with regards to the kind of jobs people undertake on a daily. While many are forced to engage in menial jobs to make ends meet, others also are confronted with boredom that comes with routine work.  In all such cases, the accompanying stress places extreme demands on the individual. Psychological, emotional and physical stresses drain the life out of a person. There is hardly an area in our lives devoid of stress; from family worries to work situations that leave us anxious. Many are stressed out with money concerns and trying to stay afloat in their daily lives. To top it all, these financial woes are amplified by personal struggles of not being good enough. But that is not all; stress can actually lead a person to end it all. In the wake of recent deaths attributed to suicide, perhaps we all need to sit back and critically assess the moments of our lives and how to handle the stress aspect of our humanity. Here’s how.

  1. Accept the process. The beginning of every step is self realization. Stress is not a life-sentence. It is transitory. Accepting that stress is a part of your walk through life will enable you to actually handle the situation. As with all aspects of nature, there will be disappointing and favourable moments. Understand that there will be situations you will be helpless over. Be receptive to all the experiences life offers you.
  2. Integrate stress into your daily life. Think about it, when you plan for something, aren’t you able to handle it better? Anticipate stressful situations in everyday life and control your attitude towards them.
  3. Overcome your fears. There is nothing new under the sun. Your pain will not lead to your end. What you fear controls you. Overcome that fear. Don’t be intimated by negative people and negative experiences. Seek out ways to handle your stress.
  4. Know who you are. You are unique in your own way. Don’t try to be someone else. There are many innate qualities that you have that make you better off at something than others. Capitalize on that. Exploit your potential. When you are ignorant about your essential nature, you will engage in fruitless ventures which will create the very stressful situation you are trying to avoid.
  5. Be observant. Observe everything that happens around you, especially your body. Your body is not a machine; even machines break down. If your body feels weak, take some rest. If a situation frustrates you, take yourself out of it. If your partner exhausts you, take some time off the relationship. Control the situations you have control over.
  6. Choose your associations carefully. You’ve probably heard this time without number, because it is true. By association, you will become. Who you keep around, will either limit or expose your potential. Avoid friends that put you in stressful situations. Perhaps, there’s an issue at your workplace, a good friend will help take your mind of it. On the other hand, a bad friend will keep talking about it till you are completely depressed.
  7. Manage your time wisely. Being overwhelmed by a pile of work can cause you too much stress. You are not a superhero; it’s okay if you feel like one.  You must understand that you cannot do everything, but you can do small things consistently. Break your goals into smaller units. Take one at a time and achieve them one by one. In no time, you would have achieved much.
  8. Forgive easily. There are always going to be issues at home or the workplace that will cause you stress. Forgive and forget them. Be free spirited. It is not okay to build a defensive wall to protect yourself, it is much better to forgive. Forgiveness relieves the stress associated with emerging daily activities.
  9. Control your habits. This is the most important. Your habits contribute 99.9% to your stress. Perhaps, your stress level is going up and up because you are fuelling it? How is this happening? You wake up late, get to work late, eat late, sleep late and the cycle continues. What you don’t know is that your irregular sleep pattern, lateness to work and unstable eating hours is affecting your output and causing you stress. Thus, what you should take few hours to achieve takes you longer. Situations that don’t need reactions cause you to be upset. All resulting from your negative habits. Start a new life; change your negative habits by planning your day ahead and living healthy.
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With these few tips in motion, you are sure to overcome any stressful situation you may ever face! By Brenda Lutterodt||Ghana ]]>


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