Stop sending unsolicited text messages to gov’t workers or we’ll sue – CAGD warns

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) has warned financial institutions to cease sending out unsolicited text messages to workers on government payroll urging them to apply for loans.

A number of government workers have been complaining about receiving incessant messages from third parties urging them to patronise their products and facilities.

Such act, according to the Controller, “is illegal and a breach of the data protection act”.

It warned that it will not hesitate in taking legal action against those involved in such acts if they do not stop, adding they will be “blacklisted from engaging in any transactions with the CAGD”

Some affected workers have accused the Controller of being part of the practice, the Controller has denied knowledge of such acts, which many workers say is becoming a nuisance.

“The Department states categorically that it is not responsible for these messages and hereby cautions the third parties, most often microfinance institutions to desist from such acts,” the statement said.

The Controller has thus asked all employees on government payroll to report receipt of any unsolicited messages in the name of the CAGD to it for investigation to ensure appropriate sanctions and possible prosecution.


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