Stop kowtowing to wealthy few – Rawlings to NDC members

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has chastised members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for making room for a select few to run the affairs of the party. According to the founder of the NDC, the party has been left in the hands of the wealthy few who call the shots in the party, and this is because members of the NDC have failed in contributing financially towards the development of the party. Mr. Rawlings made this observation while speaking at a ceremony to mark the 37th Anniversary celebration of the 31st December Revolution where he said the running of affairs by just a select few dents the party’s integrity. He stated that the party’s regulations makes room for members to contribute their token towards the running of the party, but many have failed to fulfill this, hence only a few wealthy people who pump money into the party get to make decisions. “Unfortunately, though we have millions who sympathise with the ideals of the party, many prefer not to offer their widow’s mite to the successful management of the party. “This has resulted in a situation where a few individuals have constituted themselves into power brokers who dictate the direction of the party by holding it to ransom with their financial strength,” Mr. Rawlings stated. According to him, the situation reduces other party members to kowtowing to the whims of the select few who make contributions to the party financially. “The vast majority of the party has become subservient to the dictates of these power brokers,” Mr. Rawlings stressed. He stated that it is important for members of the NDC to own and actively participate in the activities of the party by contributing their widow’s mite at all levels. “We need to devise a mechanism that makes it attractive to pay our dues and levies. In conscientizing members on their obligations, ease of payment, proper records, transparency and accountability should be embraced.” This he said when done well, will energise the base, deepen commitment and enhance the chances of the party to win elections. He charged individuals who are vying to lead the party as its flagbearer to focus on getting all on board, and not neglect its grassroot members. “In their messages to the rank and file, it is important that they inculcate the spirit of inclusiveness in the processes of the party. The process should not be of how much your candidate can give you, but how committed you can be to your party,” he said. Mr. Rawlings also charged all party members not to allow “material and monetary inducements” sway their judgment.

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By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana]]>