Stop giving men money – Akothee advises women to stop buying love


Esther Akoth, musician and businesswoman, has expressed disgust with the way men feed off their female partners. She said to bear the title of a man, he must provide solutions and not be a problem.

The founder of Akothee Safaris took to her Instagram page to write a lengthy note to set the records straight. She asked women to stop investing in men because of love. According to her, men are getting comfortable with women paying their bills. She said this arrangement contradicts the role of a man as a provider and a woman as a helper.

She wrote;

By the way, let me be sincere to you and my apologies if it has landed wrongly. For you to be considered A man in a woman’s world, you must be in a position to provide solutions, Women are meant to support you. There is no problem if a woman is working and a man is jobless .
But there is a big problem when a man is comfortable being broke and expecting his woman to fully support. Secondly, holidays feel romantic if it’s a man paying for it, or what do you think? If not let’s stay at home eat at home and use that money for our rent or so so so. Women are suffering in men’s hands. Some come with big investment ideas, and my dear Women are taking loans for their men Haloo madam jamaa amekuguza wapi.

Ni hali ya kutumiana, don’t waste your money investing in whom you don’t see a future with. Madam keep your money for your future. You are too young to buy love. If you start paying for love in your 20s what will you do in your 40s and 50s? Some men in their 50s also still expect women to take care of them, Grandpa, where are your savings?

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana