Stop giving foreign names to your children – Voltarians told

Dr Donald Agumenu

Voltarian Dr Donald Senanu Agumenu has appealed to indigenes of the Volta Region, especially Ewes in the diaspora, to take pragmatic steps towards maintaining their distinct cultural identity.

Speaking as chairman at the 12th anniversary celebration of the United Volta Youth Organisation in Accra, Dr Agumenu expressed worry at a growing situation where people from the Region especially Ewes tend to be giving foreign names to their children as well as speaking other languages with them instead of their local dialect.

“I get worried when I see these state of affairs. We may lose our identity and culture. If we continue on this path, we only risk being totally lost as a people and our cultural heritage will be on the brink of extinction,” Dr Agumenu observed.

“There is nothing wrong with learning and speaking other languages but your identity is what defines you,” Dr Agumenu reiterated, saying “…we could still promote unity in diversity. Our beauty as Ghanaians is our diversity.”

He called on all Ewes no matter where they find themselves to be proud of their personality and their cultural roots.

Dr. Agumenu, who is also a leadership consultant, expressed worry at the speed at which accomplished Volta stalwarts such as late former President Jerry John Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata are joining the heavenly choir.

“I am sad. Our elders should be the ones picking us up, giving us directions and advising us. They are leaving us one by one. It is time as a youth organisation for us to rise up, pick up the pieces and create a purposeful destiny for ourselves. And unity with love is what should be our anchor in this endeavour,” he said.

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The former aide to late President Rawlings also asked from the leadership of the United Volta Youth Organisation to be fair and equitable in the distribution of support to members of the group and advised they live in peace with other tribes.

“I also want to see from you proper records, good leadership and administrative structures. This will create trust and help move the organisation forward,” he added, further imploring the leadership to help create support systems for educational scholarship to needy and brilliant students, as well as schemes to help members for various trading, vocational and entrepreneurial activities towards empowerment of Volta indigenes, women especially and Ghanaians as a whole.

Dr Agumenu also challenged the leadership of the United Volta Youth Organisation to devise a short-to-medium term strategic agenda to guide them towards success.

“The next time I will be here, I want to see your organization grow in size and membership. I want to see you have satellite chapters in the other regions. And when we are gathered for a big day like this, Voltarians will be moving from Kumasi, Wa, Takoradi and other places. We can have a big family party while discussing how to empower ourselves,” he pointed out.

In a gesture to serve as an incubator to rally support and contributions, Dr Agumenu donated five sewing machines and an undisclosed amount of cash to the United Volta Youth Organisation.

Receiving the items, President of the United Volta Youth Organisation Seth Dogbey Senaya thanked Dr Agumenu for his special gesture and the deep words of encouragement.

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“Dr Agumenu, we are proud of you. Your humility and care to humanity are reasons some of us want to get close to you and learn. We want to thank you very much and may God replenish what you have given us a thousandfold,” Mr Senaya said.

The 12th anniversary celebration of the United Volta Youth Organisation came off in Accra last Sunday.

It brought together indigenes of Volta in Accra especially Anlos to share in their resplendent tradition, food and culture.