Stop exposing your nakedness to children – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw cautions parents

Stop exposing your nakedness to children – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw cautions parents
Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has advocated for parents to stop engaging their children in activities that require that both parents and children be naked around each other.

During the discussion about Akuapem Poloo’s sentencing on United Showbiz, Lawyer Ampaw pointed out that most Ghanaian parents are as guilty as Akuapem Poloo. He said that the only difference is that Akuapim Poloo chose to make her actions public which goes against the law. But if the issue is to be dealt with from a moral standing, many parents would fall victim.

“What Akuapim Poloo did, a lot of parents are guilty of that. Every father who baths with his daughter, your daughter is 10/11 years … as for me, my wife is dead, and my daughter is 12 years. If you take a look at Ofeibea’s (his daughter) physic and she’s in the bathroom, then I also go into the bathroom to go and take my bath at the same time.

In law, maybe that thing is not public. So if I take a video of it and put it out in public, I will be guilty. Morally is it good? To me, it is obscene because you will expose your grown-man genitals to a child of 12 years.”

Lawyer Ampaw also cautioned mothers who bath with their sons to desist from the act. He narrated how mothers can unknowingly expose their genitals to young children, especially the male gender.

“Morally, when we say obscenity, we mean that you are corrupting the child. That behaviour we should stop,” Lawyer Maurice Ampaw concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana