Stonebwoy was only trying to be nice, apologise to him – Captain Planet ‘orders’ Tinny

Stonebwoy was only trying to be nice, apologise to him - Captain Planet 'orders' Tinny
Stonebwoy, Captain Smart, Tinny

Captain Planet, a member of Ghanaian music group 4X4, has weighed in on the Tinny-Stonebwoy squabble. Captain Planet has admonished Tinny for calling Stonebowy a fool and an idiot and asked him to apologise for those remarks.

Captain Planet shared his thoughts on Twitter. He wrote, “Stonebwoy didn’t do anything wrong for accepting to pay his colleague’s debt even if the story was true or false. He was only trying to be nice and to stop that embarrassment that was going on at that time on the radio.”

Earlier, Tinny insulted Sonebwoy because the latter offered to pay off a supposed debt of Tinny’s. According to Tinny, Stonebwoy should have shown respect by calling him before making a show on live radio.

For Captain Smart, Stonebwoy did no wrong when he offered to pay off the debt. He wrote, “Because of his (Stonebwoy) genuine love for Tinny. It’s not even necessary for him to call Tinny and say I have paid your debt because that’s what brothers do. We’re each other’s keepers.”

Captain Planet laid the blame at the feet of Mercury Quaye, who was the host who introduced the supposed debt collector into the studio.

“Tinny was right for cussing out the presenter and the radio station for not calling him to verify. But he was wrong for attacking Stonebwoy ( calling him a fool).

“The presenter and the radio station were WRONG for not calling Tinny to verify first and allowed the guy to embarrass Tinny live on air. They should apologize to Tinny, and tinny too should apologize for calling Stonebwoy a fool. Stonebwoy was just a good samaritan helping his guy.”

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By: Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana