STL does not transmit election results – EC insists

file photoThe Electoral Commission of Ghana has insisted that Israeli firm Superlock Technologies Limited (STL) has never transmitted results of elections in Ghana contrary to suspicions that they do so.

The suspicions – mostly within opposition political parties – were fuelled by a recent statement issued by the Ministry of Interior that STL has been contracted by the EC to transmit election results.

On the sidelines of a workshop for journalists on Tuesday, April 12, a Deputy Commissioner at the EC, Georgina Opoku Amankwaa, said: “Transmission of result was never the work of STL and Dr Afari Gyan, the former Chairman of the Commission, had always been emphatic on this fact.”

She pointed out that the Commission has neither come out to dismiss what Dr Gyan said in 2012 about the fact that the Commission is not even conducting electronic transmission of results.

“So whatever is coming out,” Mrs Opoku Amankwaa further noted, “that is why the Commission has not spoken because we have given our position and it has been made clear.”

She said the ICT-firm only helped the EC secure the biometric verification machines.

“So as I speak, they are the people who are working on these things…it is they who service it and it is they who programme it.”


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