Stephen Adei partners Chirano Gold Mines to roll out Innovative Literacy Programme for local communities


Chirano Mines Limited has joined forces with renowned educationist, Prof Emeritus Stephen Adei, to launch a revolutionary literacy program that aims to teach as young as six years old how to read under six months.

The program begins with introducing the pupils to selected keywords of the English language over a period by showing them cards bearing the words.

This is followed by allowing the pupils to read a book written entirely with the keywords learned by the pupils.

Speaking at the launch, Prof Emeritus Stephen Adei, renowned for his contributions to and academia, expressed his enthusiasm for the program's potential to transform the lives of children in the catchment communities and end what he described as “schooling without learning”.

He said, “Literacy is the key to unlocking a world of opportunities. By teaching children how to read effectively, we empower them with the tools they need to succeed in life.”

The heart of this program lies in Prof Adei's innovative teaching method, which is designed to accelerate the learning process. With an emphasis on a simple and interactive teaching techniques, Prof Adei believes that children will be able to grasp reading skills at an unprecedented pace.

“Our approach combines the best practices from around the world to ensure that every child can read confidently, no matter their background,” he explained.

Stephen Asante Yamoah, the General Manager of Chirano Gold Mines, reiterated the company's commitment to the communities it serves.

He emphasized that education is a cornerstone of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“We believe that investing in education is an investment in the future of these communities. By partnering with Prof Adei on this literacy program, we aim to create a brighter future for the children in our catchment areas,” said Yamoah.

The program will initially target basic in the twenty (20) catchment communities around Chirano Gold Mines.

The company shall provide the necessary resources and support, including the required educational materials to ensure its success.

Teachers and community members are eager to see the positive impact of this initiative and are hopeful that it will significantly boost literacy rates among the .

Local educators, parents, and community leaders praised Chirano Gold Mines and Prof Emeritus Stephen Adei for their dedication to improving education in the region.

They see this literacy program as a beacon of hope that will empower the next generation with essential skills and opportunities for a brighter future.

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