Stephanie Benson ‘kissed’ Samini

Songstress Stephanie Benson has admitted to kissing dancehall artiste Samini but says there were no tongues involved.

The two were seen kissing in Stephanie’s new ‘One More’ music video, which was released a few weeks ago.

There has been a lot of gossip going round with some speculating the pair was having an affair.

But reacting to a question posed to her, Stephanie, without mincing words, admitted to kissing Samini, but was quick to state there were no tongues involved

“Yes we kissed but there were no tongues involved,” she said. “I love kissing.”

“I kiss a lot because I love kissing but no tongues, and I’m an actress and there are movies like that with people who have husbands, wives and kids but still kiss in movies”.

She was speaking on Angel TV’s Purple Room.


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