Premier League clubs set to vote on proposal to scrap VAR


Premier League clubs are preparing for a crucial vote at their upcoming annual general meeting in June, where a proposal to scrap the controversial Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system from the start of the next season will be on the table.

Since its introduction in 2019, VAR has been a subject of both praise and criticism in the English top flight, with the 2023-24 campaign witnessing numerous contentious incidents that have fueled the debate surrounding its efficacy and impact on the game’s integrity.

Wolverhampton Wanderers have formally submitted a resolution to the Premier League, calling for the abolition of VAR, citing concerns over its unintended consequences and negative effects on the sport’s spirit and fan experience. The proposal will trigger a vote among the 20 club representatives during the annual gathering in Harrogate.

In response, the Premier League has acknowledged the concerns raised by clubs regarding VAR but has reiterated its support for the system, emphasizing its commitment to ongoing improvements in collaboration with the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

Wolves have argued that VAR’s overreach, prolonged delays, and contentious decisions have marred the essence of football, leading to frustration among fans and eroding the authority of on-field officials.

The club listed a range of repercussions attributed to VAR, including the disruption of goal celebrations, a hostile atmosphere in stadiums, and an erosion of trust in officiating standards.

Despite opposition from clubs like Wolves, the Premier League’s board of directors maintains that removing VAR would potentially lead to increased wrong calls and further scrutiny of on-field decisions, ultimately tarnishing the league’s reputation.

Instead, the league highlights recent innovations such as semi-automated offside technology and in-stadium VAR announcements as steps toward enhancing the system’s efficiency and transparency.

With the constitutional right to propose rule changes, Premier League clubs will have the opportunity to shape the future of VAR.