Football fans swoon over Kudus following new Premier League record


West Ham’s Mohammed Kudus has left football fans in awe after achieving a remarkable milestone in the Premier League, setting a new record for the most dribbles in a single game.

Despite West Ham’s 5-0 defeat to Chelsea, Kudus stole the spotlight with his exceptional performance, completing an impressive 13 successful dribbles against a formidable opponent.

The 23-year-old attacking midfielder’s outstanding display has earned him widespread acclaim, with fans and pundits praising his phenomenal qualities on social media.

The feat marks him as the first player in the Premier League this season to achieve such a remarkable dribbling record, solidifying his status as one of the league’s standout talents.

This achievement marked him as the first player to achieve such a feat in the English Premier League this season. It is a record in a Premier League match since the start of the 2021/22 season.

In addition to his dribbling prowess, the ball juggler showcased his all-around abilities on the field, with a high passing accuracy rate and strong defensive contributions.

His stellar performance has sparked discussions among fans, with many advocating for his potential move to a more attack-minded club where his skills could flourish even further.

As Kudus continues to make waves in the Premier League, his record-breaking achievement serves as a testament to his immense talent and potential in the football world.