Sports is seen as a stepchild in Ghana – GFA’s Henry Asante Twum

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Ghana Football Association (GFA) communications director Henry Asante Twum believes that little has been done for sports, saying the country sees the industry as a “stepchild”.

Twum wants government to invest heavily in sports because it has the potential to generate huge profits for the government.

“The country sees sports as a stepchild and it’s the reason our sports minister is not part of the cabinet. We are trying but it’s not enough,” Twum said on Onua TV’s People’s Assembly on Thursday.

The sports industry is wealthy, as evidenced by FIFA’s announcement of the 2022 World Cup prize money.

Just for qualifying for the tournament, Ghana are set to pocket $ 12 million (preparation fee plus group stage earnings).

Ghana will earn more money as they advance in the competition. Ghana will earn $18 million if they reach the quarter-finals.

The World Cup winner will receive a $50 million cash prize.

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