Spio-Garbrah wants Trade, Finance ministries work together on tax issues

Former Minister of Trade Spio-Garbrah

Former Trade and Industry Minister, Dr. Ekwow Spio- Garbrah is proposing that the Finance Ministry collaborates with Trade Ministry with regards to tax issues in the country.

In an interview with 3FM92.7 he stated that the Trade Ministry should be involved in discussions on tax policies.

“The Trade and Industry Ministry does not get involve, does not get invited to discussions that deals with taxes and levies when it ought to be”, he stated.

Dr. Spio- Garbrah believes made-in-Ghana products are likely to face competition from imported ones following the cut in taxes by the government.

Government has since 2013, intensified its campaign to increase patronage of locally manufactured goods in a bid to increase production and reduce imports.

Dr. Spio- Garbrah said, “ it’s one thing to abolish taxes on imports but it also means you are encouraging  more imports of a particular goods, so we must also appreciate the impact of the decisions that are being taken.”

He observed that some sectors may laud government for the cut but this would have a negative impact on locally manufactured goods.

The former minister said taxes and levies may be disagreeable to most individuals in the business community however they tend to build the country if used for its rightful purpose’s.

According to him, taxes are dues people pay to enjoy numerous vital benefits that government provides.

“Even though some businesses and communities may disagree with the payment of taxes, it’s a question of what do we use those taxes for. The benefit of taxes is to build the nation”, he stated.

By Kyerewaa Agnes Amparbeng |3FM92.7|

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