Special Voting: Names of all officers at Sunyani Liberation Barracks unit missing

Third Battalion Unit Commander Lt. Col. E. Awaribey (R) official lodged a complaint with the B/A EC Director George Gyabaah (L)
About 172 officers of the Third Battalion Unit of the Sunyani Liberation Barracks were disappointed Thursday as their names were not captured in the register for the Special Voting.
Not a single officer has been able to vote.
The situation generated a “serious uproar”, according to TV3’s Paa Kwesi Larry Moses.
The Commanding Officer at the Unit, Lt. Col. Emmanuel Awaribey, could also not find his name in the register.
He has, therefore, officially complained to the Brong Ahafo Region Director of the Electoral Commission, George Gyabaah.
Speaking to Paa Kwesi Larry Moses, Mr Gyabaah said all units were directed to send lists of officers through the headquarters to the Commission.
“From the look of things, it seems their list never reached the Commission,” he suspected. “That is why as it stands now not even a single person’s name is on the list.”
Mr Gyabaah said the only option left is for the Unit to deploy officers on December 7 in such a way that they can vote before assuming guard duties.
He said it is too late for any move to let them vote on the Special Voting day.
Some officers of the Recce Squadron Unit of the same barracks have, however, been able to vote.
By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|Ghana

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