Spanish footballer confirms he is bisexual

A Spanish footballer has announced that he is bisexual, but has not revealed his name.

The news comes a week after 21-year-old Australian player Josh Cavallo announced in a video that he was gay.

Cavallo’s announcement was met with overwhelming public support by footballers and other athletes.

Radio Murcia Cadena Ser has now published a letter from a professional footballer who has elected not to use his name because, ‘the message itself is more important than the name’. In the letter, the player confirms he is bisexual and lives with his partner, a man.

In part of the translated letter, he explains: “First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Joshua Cavallo for sharing his feelings with all of us. And now to say, like him, that yes, you can play football being gay, bisexual, as I consider myself, or anything else.

The debate with myself about whether or not I should define myself face to face, no longer to the people who love me – sometimes difficult, but overcome long ago – but to the rest of the world has always been great.

“And today I make the decision to continue with the message that this player launched a few days ago. For too little time, I took the path of being me, being me with my family, being me with my friends, being me with my football teammates … In short, being me with everyone around me, whatever or less close, without trying to hide anything from me. At least for now, I do not want to say who I am and put a face to the movement, since, in my case, I believe that the important thing is more the message itself than the name that appears in this letter.

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“In addition, I highly value being able to continue being that me, with my personal side, separated from my work, and which I have every right to protect. Even so, I consider that it is important to take the step of telling my more personal life, that it is seen that one can dedicate himself to this, more or less professionally, regardless of who and how you are. From the outside, it may seem that this is a fact, that it should not be necessary or said. But unfortunately, it is not quite like that yet.”

Source: BBC