Sosu is being harassed by Police – Fighters League

The Economic Fighters League believe the Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Francis-Xavier Sosu is being intimidated by the Police

The Police have officially charged Madina Member of Parliament, Francis-Xavier Sosu for causing damage to public property.

The Director General, Public Affairs Directorate of the Police Service, ACP Kwasi Ofori, said on Wednesday November 3 “The Police has obtained a criminal summons and has been duly served for him to appear in court on November 8…as we enumerated the charges includes obstructing the highway, causing damage to public property,” he said.

The Police had been seeking to arrest him for allegedly involving in a violent protests in his constituency.

The National Democratic Congress  MP had led some of his constituents to embark on a demonstration against deplorable roads in his constituency.

The demonstration started peacefully at Danfa around 6:00am but later saw demonstrators burning tyres and mounting roadblocks on the Ayi Mensah-Danfa Road.

Sosu has however denied saying “That any allegation of the Police about my involvement in unlawful blockade of road and destruction of public property is false and an afterthought carefully manufactured by the police to shift attention of the people of Ghana from the key issues of bad roads raised by our protest and demonstration.”

The Fighters League in a statement said, others may defend the police for their actions but as a social movement, “the Economic Fighters League cannot and will not sit back as a defender of human rights has his own rights violated in retaliation for his efforts to stand for the People of Madina.”

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The Fighters’ statement also said there was no instance of disregard for the laws of the country before, during and after the protest as the police were humbly informed of the protest which, as required of them [the police], were there on the day to provide security. 

It further said injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere and therefore calling on every Ghanaian to condemn the unfair and unlawful treatment meted out to Mr. Sosu.

“The Economic Fighters League condemns this shameless abuse of power and call on all who stand for the protection of rights to rally around Comrade Sosu in what is yet another battle for the soul of Ghana.

We stand with the Speaker of Parliament in protection of the Liberty of Comrade Sosu. We reaffirm our resolve to fight for justice and to stand with all who seek to defend justice.”

 By Kabah Atawoge||Ghana