Some new rappers are just ‘fooling’ – Obibini responds to Okyeame Kwame

Some new rappers are just 'fooling' - Obibini responds to Okyeame Kwame's 'new rappers are better than old'
Okyeame Kwame and Obibini
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Obibini shared an interesting perspective with Caleb Nii Boye, host of Showbiz927. He mentioned that Okyeame Kwame saying that the new generation of rappers is better than the older ones is not entirely true.

“I will say it’s not entirely true because not all the new rappers are good. Some have learnt very well from the likes of Okyeame Kwame and Lord Kenya. And there are some who are just running around.”

But as a seasoned rapper, Obibini appreciated his senior’s comment, which he refers to as a humbling moment. He also pointed out that Okyeame Kwame’s comment wasn’t in bad taste. Maybe not well delivered, but well-meaning.

“But I think if I’m trying to understand where Okyeame Kwame is coming from, in a nutshell, I think he’s trying to motivate the youth because these guys actually brought out the blueprint. They are the foundation of what we are doing. So if the foundation hadn’t been strong, there wouldn’t be this development.

“So for him to come out and say the new generation rap better than the older generation, I think it’s a way of him saying he likes how the game has grown. It’s a way of him seeing his achievements have materialized. These guys started the thing, and it’s getting to higher heights now,” Obibini concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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