Some judges who were hailed for not taking bribe had prior notice from Anas about the investigation – Appiah-Kubi

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The investigation that was done by the Tiger Eye PI, led by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, which exposed some superior and lower court judges, as well as several court officials in a video, allegedly demanding and receiving bribes, has come under another scathing attack.

It is recalled that following that particular work, persons including Assin Central Member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong heavily criticized Anas for the work.

Mr Agyapong was against the modus operandi adopted by the investigators. He believed the judges were set up.

Anas is receiving flak again. This time, it is coming from the Member of Parliament for Asante-Akim North, Andy Kwame Appiah-Kubi.

Mr Appiah-Kubi said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday July 23, 2022 that the Tiger Eye team hinted some of the judges that they were going to be investigated, an action he said, led to those judges to come and beat their chest that they were not corrupt because they rejected bribe.

“You go and put a bunch of money but he says no, take it away. When you record the scene of putting the money there and you don’t record the scene of rejecting the money and you use that as an evidence to incriminate the judge, it is not also fair, that is criminal.

“I am happy that some of the judges who were also not convicted of having taken bribes, they themselves also know that some of their own colleagues were mistreated. When you are doing something and you want to find evidence, make sure you find the total evidence that can support your case.

“But not you yourself, you go there with the pre-meditated mind to go and seek conviction. One of the judges who was also given kudos, he had prior information that they were coming to him. Yes, they said to him, we are going to investigate you so we are sending somebody to you this time. So, he goes there and he comes out clean, that ‘for me I didn’t take bribe’. What kind of joke is that?”

He stressed “I am saying that, I knew that one person that I know who refused the motivation and came out chest out, he knew that they were coming to him, it was pre-meditated.

“We can’t be like that and be blaming others,” he said while contributing to a discussion on the 2021 report by the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ, Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime which ranked the Police to be the foremost public institution perceived to be most corrupt.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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