Some domestic passengers stranded at KIA due to ‘technical challenges’

Domestic passengers travelling to from Accra to Kumasi on Africa World Airline (AWA) have been left stranded at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra for hours.

Some of the passengers told Accra-based 3FM 92.7 Wednesday that their flight schedules were changed without recourse or notices to them.

One of the passengers, Yaw Amoh Sarpong, said he was originally scheduled to depart from the Airport at 3:00pm but was changed without any notice him.

According to him, passengers who were initially scheduled for 12:00pm had their time changed to 3:00pm while passengers originally scheduled for 3:00pm were moved up to 8:00pm without any information to them.

The passengers say there appears to be no “good” explanation coming from the officials of the AWA airline.

Mr. Sarpong claimed it was only after hours of persistently demand for explanation that they were told the rescheduling has been necessitated by “technical challenges”.

The explanation, according to the passengers, could not be correct because they could see other airlines coming in and taking off from the airport.

He said efforts by the passengers to see the manager of the airline has proved unsuccessful as they were denied access to him.

The passengers say their frustrations are heightened by the fact that they have not been served water or snack, especially so when some of them arrived at the airport by midday and have been waiting since.

Information has not been forthcoming, they said.

The agitated passengers, one of whom is a lawyer, have met to take a decision on what to do, an eyewitness told

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Meanwhile, efforts to reach the authorities at the Africa World Airlines for their side of the story proved futile.