Sodomy in Kwahu: Victims offered counselling


Clinical psychologists have provided counselling services to the 12 allegedly sodomised pupils and their parents at Atewase in the Kwahu West municipality of the Eastern Region.

The exercise is to help the pupils fight stigma and be emotionally stable to continue their stay in school.

All 12 pupils and their parents were engaged by clinical psychologists and health personnel from the Kwahu West Municipal Health Directorate.

The intervention is to provide clinical and counseling services, assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders the pupils may have gone through.

Community members were also met.

The clergy was also invited for some prayer sessions for the community members and pupils.

‘God deliver our community’

The Kwahu West Municipal Health Director says the sodomy issue was an eye opener.

“We thought Sodomy was an issue to be dealt with in the cities, but we have witnessed it in this community, I am shocked,” he said.

“But we have all learnt well, and God will deliver the pupils and the community.

“We as health people are here to help you,” he assured.

The Kwahu West Municipal Social Welfare and Community Development Department unearthed the incident, which involved 12 pupils who were sodomised by a barber.

The perpetrator has since been sentenced to 114 years imprisonment to serve consecutively.

By Yvonne Neequaye||Ghana


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