Smoking is not gender-based; If men can, women can too – iOna

Smoking is not gender-based; If men can, women can too - iOna
iOna Reine
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Controversial singer iOna has said if a man can freely smoke, women should be allowed. The songstress questioned society’s standards for women, whilst their male counterparts do whatever they desire.

iOna Reine, born Mercy Sam, is a professional midwife but has always had a passion for music. 

“If men can smoke, then women should be able to smoke as well. This is not out of the blue. Haven’t you seen women smoking Shisha and cigars in pubs before?” she questioned Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM’s Anigye mmere entertainment and lifestyle show.

Explaining her stance, iOna believes that Ghanaian society imposes too many standards on women. While the men are free to do whatever they want.

“The argument is not about whether smoking is bad or not. If it’s bad, then it’s bad for men and women. I don’t understand why we set perimeters for girls while boys do all they want. If smoking is bad then it shouldn’t be gender base.

“The Ghanaian culture is such that if a woman asks for sex, she’s branded a bad girl. Those standards for women are wrong. If a man can smoke, a woman too can smoke,” iOna emphasized.

iOna is out with a new single dubbed “Could this be love”.

By Victor Kodom|OnuaFM||Ghana

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