Small scale miners association to form political party if…


The Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners has resolved to form a political party, in its fight against the ban on small scale mining.

The association says, members’ businesses under President Akufo-Addo, have suffered the most, and ironically he is the one trumpeting commitment to develop the private sector with friendly policies.

The miners say they are motivated by the over 1 million active members across 8 regions, and have resolved to form their own political party to champion their interest and that of Ghanaians in general.

Nana Biribireba Boateng, Chairman of the Political Affairs Committee of the Ghana National Association Of Small Scale Miners explained, said taking into consideration how they have been treated by both the NDC and  NPP governments “we cannot sit ideal for any political party to come, and distort  our business.”

He maintained that their political party will not serve the interest of members alone.

Ghana’s Political Party’s Act Section 2, subsection 3 states that no political party shall be formed on ethnic, gender, religious, regional, professional or other sectional divisions.

But the group defended its position, “it is the association that has taken the decision…we are giving government two weeks to come out and tell  us the prudent measures he has put in place to allow us to go back to our work…

“So if the government decides not to let us go back to our work, then we will advise ourselves by forming  a political party.”

Source: 3news.com | Ghana

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