Small pox no longer existent due to vaccines – GHS in spirited support for Covid-19 vaccines

Specialist at the Institutional Care Division of the Ghana Health Service Dr. Jacob Abebrese has revealed that the world was able to eradicate small pox totally because of vaccination.

He said without vaccines, the world would not have been able to eradicate the disease.

Dr. Abebrese made the observation during a COVID-19 Vaccine Forum organized by Onua TV and Onua FM, subsidiaries of Media General in Accra on Friday, February 26.

The Director said, in Twi, that “in man, we had small pox which is now a thing of the past and it’s because of vaccine”.

He challenged anyone who has the small pox today to own up for a reward because globally the disease has been wiped out.

“In the world today, there is no small pox…if you have one, bring it and we shall reward you.”

“It may be we do not do the education well and as such the people do not understand. Immunization is the same as vaccination. It is to tell the body that there is something new in the body to fight diseases.”

He explained that “it’s because they do not have the knowledge, they have formed their own opinions. I have seen several of the people saying same about the vaccine. People had the notion that there was no Covid. They said it’s meant for the rich, they said it’s meant for the white and it’s because they don’t have the knowledge”.

Dr. Abebrese said “even poultry farmers can even attest to the fact that without vaccine, poultry will not survive”.

Explaining the reasons behind the Forum, the Head of Station for Onua FM and Onua TV, Nana Apeanti, said there are conversations in markets, in trotros and other public places about the suspected harmful effects of the vaccine.

That is why the stations saw the need to educate Ghanaians on the vaccine, he noted.

He said there are misconceptions that the vaccine would affect manhood while others have opinions on other side effects.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo||Ghana