Singer Ama Slay champions anti-bleaching campaign

US-based Ghanaian singer Ama Slay is on a one man campaign against skin bleaching. According to the singer who spoke in an interview with 3news’ Owusu Worae, the health risks associated with skin bleaching is dire, hence the decision to preach against the lifestyle through her musical platform. “I feel sometimes we have to go into the head of the people that bleach to find out why, because you can easily get cancer.” Ama Slay said a lot of the people who bleach do so just to be accepted in society because a lot of people in society find light skinned people extra attractive. She expressed worry over the trend of bleaching amongst young people, saying it could take a serious toll on their health. She therefore called on young people out there, women especially to be proud and feel comfortable in their skin. Ama Slay who is currently promoting her new single, Turn Up has songs like Asem and Ginger to her credit.” Source:|Ghana]]>

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